Course Highlights

Intravenous Therapy (IVT) Course is designed to reinforced participants knowledge with regards to Intravenous (IV) routes infusion and blood withdrawal. It will be consisting of a review of anatomy and physiology, puncture techniques, safety precautions for blood-borne pathogens, material preparations, site selection, and maintenance of a central or peripheral line catheter, with special considerations on concepts about the complications, management and effective infusion techniques. Practical demonstrations of techniques for IV insertion would be done through the use of an artificial hand to mimic actual setting. The participants will be evaluated using a multiple choice written examination with a passing rate of 80%.

Course Objectives

After the course the participants will be familiarized with the different kinds of catheters, solutions and their usage, identify early signs and symptoms of complications related to improper maintenance of IV site, and proper use of infection control methods.

Target Audience:

The course is intended for Licensed Medical Professionals such as Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics and others.

The course will provide:

Study Materials (Book and Handout) & Certificate .


Course Faculty

Jeremy M. Pantig, RN, MFR, MN, USRN

Head Life Support Division - International Training Nurse Educator/Clinical Instructor/ Research Faculty National Lecturer Board Exam PH and USA with specializations in Medical Surgical Nursing and Emergency Nursing Professor in Nursing (2010-2014) DCAS, ASHI and AHA Life Support Instructor.

Juliet Christi B. Salares, RN, MAN

Training Center Coordinator - ITC Nurse Educator/Faculty Researcher College Lecturer for Board Exam PH with specializations in Nursing Management of Cardiac Hemodynamics & Psychiatry Professor in Nursing (2005-2012) AHA Life Support Instructor.

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